My Sex Fantasy That Finally Became Fantastically Real

Everyone has fantasies, especially sexual fantasies. Right after my fall out with my husband that ended up in a divorce, I have been hiring services from Charlotte action escorts. Unlike what most people think of when you bring up escorts, that you are talking about women, Charlotte action escorts also has a wide range of male companions who can rock your world in all sorts of ways.

I can’t stop myself from saying how handsome these men are and great at what they do. We always meet up in hotel suits and I let the male escort work his magic with his magnificent body. However, there was this one thing that I have always wanted to try during sex that would sound obscene if I told a regular person. So I decided to let the gigolo know of my heartfelt desire that I wanted him to do for me. I have always wanted to know how it would feel like having sex with a dead person. I knew it was creepy, but I was just curious and glad I had the chance of trying it out with one of the male Charlotte action escorts.

I explained my instructions (that I wanted him to pretend like he was dead while I have sex with him) to the escort and nervously worried if it was too much to ask of me. Fortunately, he put my mind at ease and assured me that there worse experiences he has been in and that this was not such a big deal but did admit it was also a new experience for him. As he lay still on the bed as if dead but of course his boner showed some signs of life, I rode on it with such vigor that I never knew I had. He was not supposed to move or touch me at all, but things got out of hand, and the pleasure was way too much for him to hold it in any longer and he finally grabbed my boobs. Though I ought to be mad at him breaking the rules, it was refreshing because it felt like a dead man rising to life after overwhelming sex, which turned me on even more. The night was perfect, and my little fantasy proved to be money well spent since I enjoyed the experience a lot, thanks to the amazing male escort form Charlotte action escorts.

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