Geneva, 24 September 2014 - As new engines with different civilian and military purposes, drones are raising new concerns related to human rights. The use of these new devices was discussed at a side event organized by our Institute during the 27th session of the Human Rights Council.

During the discussion moderated by Dr. Imène Ajala, Project Manager at the IIPJHR, the panel looked into the different uses of drones, whether in civil or military environments, and the challenges they present with regards to human rights.

Mr. Paul Guermonprez, author at FYP editions, explored the history and various military uses of drones in modern warfare. After presenting the emergence of these devices, he depicted the role that drones play in carrying out targeted killings.  

Mr. Henri Borreill, CEO at Exametrics, highlighted the questions raised by the use of drones in a civilian context, most notably regarding privacy and security. He noted the absence of a global public debate on this issue and the lack of information available to the public. Additionally, he drew attention to some of the benefits of drone use, such as for emergency response during a catastrophe or for scientific purposes.

Mr. Jean-François Fechino, expert for the UN in new weaponry and Director of our Institute, raised ethical and human rights questions related to drones and stressed the necessity of regulation and anticipation to avoid human rights violations.