Tunis – 26 October 2014: As Tunisian voters are being called to the polls, the joint mission of the International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights (IIPJHR) and the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) deploy their observers' team across the country.

Polling stations across the entire territory of Tunisia register an impressive turnout and teams on the field are reporting that the process is going smoothly with minor inaccuracies. 

No abusive intervention of security forces has been recorded so far, as their tasks are mainly limited to securing the electoral process and protecting the surrounding areas. 

Observers noticed delays in the opening of some polling stations due to the absence of staff members, or due to the lack of necessary materials, such as voter lists. The joint mission of IIPJHR and GNRD regrets that a large number of voters were unable to find their names in the records, depriving them of their voting rights. Additionally, some individuals were spotted in the polling stations trying to influence voters' preferences.

Overall, observers reported a high level of satisfaction with the electoral process which is encouraging for Tunisian prospects for democracy. The joint mission thanks the Tunisian authorities for granting us the authorization to lead this mission.