Tunis – 25 November 2015: The International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights (IIPJHR) and the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) presented the preliminary findings of the Joint Observation Mission to the 2014 Tunisian Presidential Election.

Both organizations first thanked the Tunisian people for their gracious hospitality and the Tunisian authorities for their hard work, then  restated that the joint mission is committed to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and the Code of Conduct for International Election Observers, as well as to Tunisia’s laws. 

With a total of 80 observers covering 16 out of 24 governorates, the joint mission observed a total of 150 polling stations on Election Day, assessing all steps of the process: opening of polling stations, voting, closing and counting.

Members of the joint mission (coming from 22 countries) presented their preliminary findings, highlighting that observers were mostly given free access to polling stations, that the voting process was carried out in an orderly manner, and the atmosphere was predominantly peaceful. Observers noted that while campaign materials were present at a number of stations, the polling officials appeared to be well trained and carried out the closing and counting process smoothly with only minor errors.

Observers were pleased to note that the Tunisian High Election Authority (ISIE) had taken several steps to improve the quality of the voting procedures since last month’s Parliamentary elections, although there were several cases where voters could not find their name on voter lists and thus were not able to participate. 

The joint mission presented a range of recommendations regarding inclusion of youth, voter registration, access and help for disabled people and elderly, training of officials, electoral campaigns and procedures in order to improve the whole process.   

The joint mission was generally pleased with the conduct of the election and honored to contribute to the democratic transition of Tunisia.