The Institute has engaged in international election observation missions with its partner, the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD). The Institute went to Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.
During these missions, the Institute found opportunities to interact with local youth and discuss the future with them.

These young people, who represent a large part of the population, are full of dreams and ideas but face many obstacles that prevent them from achieving them.
Social systems are not inclusive enough and many barriers restrict their hopes.

Despite this, we have often seen a real willingness from these young people who, through the Internet, « dream of an ideal world ».
Some of them want to act and take the place that they deserve in civil society. The Institute has just imagined a way to support them in this process. Some men and women have within them the seeds of « Leaders for Tommorow ». Thus was born the idea of setting up a project for training in leadership and local project management for civil society.


Interview of the Project Manager, Sebastien PARISOT


What are the aims of this project? 

It is a huge project, a permanent challenge but the Institute is not only dedicated to youth : we have to welcome everyone. Therefore, this training is open not only to individual project developers but also to local associations already engaged in the field.

The aims of this project are: the creation of new professional opportunities, the development and support of social entrepreneurship and finally, the detection and engagement of future local leaders by allowing them to become real actors of civil society.


In what will consist the training ?

Over a period of ten days, the courses will welcome a dozen participants. The selection of participants is based on an application file outlining the project or the idea.
An internal jury of professionals will select a dozen projects per session depending on the criteria of relevance, feasibility, sustainability, living together and equity.

The training team is composed of experts from the professional and academic world.
The training aims to enable a person with no experience to develop and manage his or her own project starting from the idea until the achievement.

We also attach paramount importance to human values such as curiosity, sharing, ethics, altruism and human rights, in conformity with the values of our Institute.

For now, the first trainings will be carried out in Tunisia, Cameroon, Morocco and Algeria.


What’s next for this project ?

Our goal is to create a network of synergies and cooperation, a new innovative dynamic that will allow each new project holder to benefit from the experiences of previous promotions and to lean on existing partnerships.

This project is a way for the Institute to actively participate in the search and the implementation of local solutions as well as give support and assistance for civil society, while offering new opportunities and perspectives .