Wednesday, September 30, 2015, the International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights (IIPJHR) organized a side event on the topic "Is there a return to normal life for women victims of barbarity? ".

Mr. Jean-François Fechino the IIPJHR Director moderated the side event.

The Institute had invited Mr. Jacques Roisin Belgian criminologist and psychoanalyst, M. François Yabas President of the Association of International Aid of the Eastern Christians.

Ms. Rhodi Sims, Kurdish member of Congress in Brussels, unfortunately, she could not come.

 Mr. Fechino put the subject in the context alluding to the barbaric abuses on women, especially in Syria - Daech comparing the attitude of a return to a primitive and savage medieval against women and girls.

Mr. Yabas then spoke. The latter recalled that this was not really new, and that women in this region have long suffered numerous beatings during tribal clashes or wars of conquest. He then reported on the abuse suffered by his family members during the last fifty years: Rape, torture and assassinations punctuate family history including a wedding day where a female relative was abducted, raped and murdered!

Other women suffered almost identical spells whose effects remained pervasive, engraved forever. Visibly affected, Mr. Yabas declined to continue his testimony.

 Then Mr. Jacques Roisin explained that he was speaking with victims of rape and sexual violence not primarily against women. The latter work in Belgium, Rwanda or Kosovo. He then detailed the procedure of his work that involves listening to a group of 3 or more. Its primary goal in these meetings is to provide the victim assaulted behavior change so that it can have a new start. He has treated several hundred patients.

Some examples Roisin M. explained that he was trying to work on two dimensions: the understanding of the feelings of the victims against the aggressors, and the return to a psychic equilibrium of the victim to reintegrate into the community. Jacques Roisin has described himself as "an ambassador from the dead bringing patients into the world of the living."

After this strong testimony, Mr. Fechino has given way to questions before concluding this side event that women victims of barbarism could have a hope of finding a "normal" lifelong to recreate that tenuous bond of faith humanism of the other.