Geneva, 21 June 2016 - The integration of refugees and migrants constituted the main issue of a side event organised by our Institute during the 32th session of the Human Rights Council.

There is an emergency about how we host and integrate these refugees, these migrants!

Mr Jean-François Fechino, as secretary general of the FIEP (Fédération Internationale des Ecoles des Parents), took the floor and remembered the importance of the family as a "cocoon" in which the population who flee their country feel heard and protected.  Mr Fechino added that the child must be at the heart of all asylum policy.  However, recent UNHCR figures reveal the dramatic existence of miners left to themselves, unattached and unprotected. There are rules protecting child rights but these can not be a substitute of the family and of course the moral support she lavishes. The urgency is strengthening a human support more than hardware. The host families are part of the solution.

Ms Ewa Ciclaire, founder of two organizations (Réfugiés Centre Bretagne et ADAM : Action pour le Développement et l'Accompagnement des Mineurs), made three trips as an independent humanitarian activist on the Balkan route and in the Idomeni camp ( Greece). She gave us a particularly powerful testimony. After the "American Dream" up to the "European Dream". Europe, dream land of migrants becomes disillusionment land. The grueling journey is made for one purpose only: to arrive in Europe and be saved. The arrival at the border would mark the end of suffering. But, actually this is far from being the truth. More than physical pain, they suffer morally: hope gave way to disillusionment. Ewa came and spoke for the refugees in distress situations. Their route is long, and the return to their country probable. In these camps, we do not take into accounts their sufferings and in a drastic will to prevent fraud, their stories are constantly challenged. Still in touch with some of them, Ewa Ciclaire told us about the situation - current - in which they are. The awareness is immediate. Refugees are humans in a first place, they still can be saved so let's alert.